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About Maison De Madame

At Maison De Madame, our mission has always been to bring more beauty to your life every day. We wanted to create products that supports the modern woman, breathes life into the things that are important to her, all while empowering the modern woman to feel as incredible and beautiful as she truly is. 


We also wanted to create a destination that you can escape to just by opening your laptop. A true experience, where you can search for treasures, select your favorites and anticipate their arrival – all while listening to music, watching beautiful films, and reading stories. An experience for the senses in a way.

No matter who you are and no matter how you wear our kimono robes, our biggest dream is that you feel like the best, most confident version of you. Because at the end of the day, you, lovely, are the most beautiful part of wearing these pieces.

Each and every time you slip into one of our pieces, we want you to feel as beautiful as you truly are

The colours of the Mediterranean

Inspired by organic silhouettes and the colours of the Mediterranean, natural fabrics are transformed into unique pieces to treasure for summer, sea and sunset.

Maison De Madame wants to be there when you create memories and experiences.


Inspired by endless romance, and all that makes life so incredibly beautiful. We dream of weekend trips to Paris, dancing on the beach and never-ending sunkissed skin. Join me on the travel blogs

5 reasons we love monogramming:

  1. Monograms show ownership.
  2. Monograms are classy.
  3. Monograms make the most thoughtful gifts.
  4. Monograms makes us feel special.
  5. Monograms make basics beautiful

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For the Love of Embroidery