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Organize your kitchen

Can we ever be organized enough?  Probably not.  There is always something that needs cleaned out, put away, or straightened up.  Let my list of 4 ways to organize with jars help to inspire your next cleaning and organizing adventure.  Jars are wonderful storage and you probably already have some on hand.  Visit the unique ways to organize with jars below.

  • 1.spices, grains, pasta and oats look so much better out of the bag and into a glass jar.
  • 2.The bamboo lid of the jar has an airtight design that will allow you to securely seal your jar to keep your food fresh and safe. You can use these glass jars to store dry ingredients such as flour, sugar, coffee, spices, seeds, grains, cookies, cereal, snacks, tea and more.

3.Quick and Easy Tips for Organizing Your Entire Kitchen

4.Label your spice jars

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